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The Cultural Bureau organized an evening to commemorate the national songs written by the poet Abdul Rahman Al Abnoudi and the singer Abdel Halim Hafez on Saturday 24th of March 2018. The evening was attended by the media figure Nihal Kamal, spouse of the late poet and ex director of the Egyptian Televison. The evening was also attended by Mohamed Rahim the musician. It was presented by the media figure Muhammad Musallami, for his close relationship with the family of "Al-Khal", a title of which the late poet was known. In addition to the interesting dialogue of Ms. Nihal Kamal about the joint work between Al-Khal and Abdel Halim Hafez, the audience watched a video taken in the house of the latter showing his belongings. Some parts of their national songs were also played. The ceremony was attended by H.E Alaeddin Yousef, Egyptian Consul General to the United Kingdom and his spouse, and a number of Egyptian and Arab friends of the Egyptian Cultural Bureau residing in the United Kingdom.

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