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The Cultural Bureau hosted Dr. Wassim Al Sisi, where he delivered a lecture on Friday, 9 March 2018, on "The Egyptian Civilization and Personality between Hopes and Challenges". Dr. Waseem Al Sisi, a Urology Specialist, holds two FRCS degrees from England and Scotland and a fellowship from the American College of Surgeons. He has many researches in Urology and even has a prostate surgery under his name. On the other hand, Dr. Waseem Al-Sisi was concerned with his country's issues and found that to return to the civilized face of Egypt and status of being pioneers in arts & science , it is necessary to look at our ancient history. Then Dr. Wassim studied Egyptology and ancient medicine. The lecture was presented and moderated by Dr. Hala Sulait, President of the Egyptian-British Association for Education in London.

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