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The Egyptian Cultural Bureau organized an evening to commemorate the documentary filmmaker Mrs. Attiyat Al-Abnoudi on Friday, 26th of April 2019. Three of her documentary films, "Possible Dreams", "Rawia" and "Cairo 1000 Cairo 2000" were screened. The evening was attended by the actress Asmaa Yahya El Tahir, daughter of Mrs. Attiyat Al-Abnoudi. She spoke about the characters who appeared in the films. She also explained the focus of Attiyat Al- Abnoudi on highlighting the success of Egyptian rural women in the first two films. The cultural bureau invited the international director Anwar Kawadri to comment on the films from the artistic view; he praised the professional production of the film "Possible Dreams" and the success of the film "Rawia" as well as the film "Cairo 1000 Cairo 2000". He also explained the difference in the techniques used in each of them.

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