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The Cultural & Educational Bureau in London arranged a meeting with Dr. Amr Adly, Deputy Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research for Universities Affairs and the Egyptian scientists in the British universities on Thursday 6th of September 2018. Dr. Amr elaborated the reason of his current visit to London and clarified the ministry’s interest in the added value of the conducted univiersities' scientific researches and encouraging the presence of technology transfer centres to connect the researchers with the industry; Also Dr. Amr mentioned that he is assigned by the Minister to analyse the required changes in the academic programs to cope with the future work fields for our graduates whether in the local or global market especially that the developed countries lack the needed work force.

He also clarified that the industrial infrastructure in Egypt is big but its added value is humble due to lack of connection between the industry, universities and research institutions which is highly important.

He added that the Minister took a decision not to accept any new academic program unless its compatible with the research's result and He clarified that the Minister's period has witnessed the largest number of laws related to higher education and scientific research (Hospitals Law, International Universities' Branches Law, Science & Innovation Incentive Law which gave the scientific institutions the right to start up companies or join as partners)

One of the attendees has commented requesting the need to encourage the industrial and commercial institutions to financially support the educational system; in reply to this, Dr. Amr elaborated the presence of a law giving the chance to be tax exempted for companies who carry out such support.

The discussion has been very insightful and fruitful tackling the International Universities' Branches and the new structured law. 

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