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Prof. Reem Bahgat - The Cultural & Educational Counsellor in London - accompanied Dr. Amr Adly during their visit to the Institution of Engineering & Technology IET on Thursday 6th of September 2018; The visit's aim was to know the merits of the (InspecAnalytics) system - a system developed by the institution to gain various and specific information categorized to five levels on scientific research in different countries, list the countries according to their status in various scientific fields and the relation of these researches to the industries and the institutions supporting research.

 The institution representatives mentioned that they have 170,000 members distributed in 160 country; in addition to carrying out various workshops and activities for students to encourage them to proceed their studies in the Engineering field with their focus on attracting females.

Dr. Amr Adly discussed the possibility of incorporating this system within the Egyptian Knowledge Bank, Prof. Reem Bahgat asked about the possibility of hosting some Egyptian data entry researchers to train for a couple of months on the institution’s knowledge standards and work on developing the system conditioned that their researches will be published and the institution's approval.

The Institution of Engineering & Technology IET is examining the possibility of achieving the above requests.

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