Egyptian Bureau for Cultural and Educational Affairs
in United Kingdom and Ireland

History of the Bureau

History of the Bureau

 The Egyptian Bureau for Cultural & Educational Affairs in London is the first Bureau established outside Egypt in the year 1907. It occupied several locations in London on rental basis, including its current location in Mayfair since 1943 and was bought by the Egyptian Government in 1946. The current building is a listed building that was previously owned by Countess of Craven


History of the Egyptian School

The Egyptian School has been established for more than thirty-six years under the direction and supervision of the Bureau.

Missions of the Bureau

About the Bureau

The Egyptian Bureau for Cultural & Educational Affairs represents the Egyptian Ministry of Higher Education & Research in UK and Ireland. It aims to strengthen the existing scientific collaboration between the academic & research institutes in Egypt and UK/Ireland as well as establishing new links. The bureau ensures the smooth academic progress of the Egyptian mission Students in UK and Ireland, and sponsors them. The bureau also encourages British students to study in/visit Egyptian academic and research Institutes.

With the collaboration of the Egyptian Ministry of Culture, as well as relevant scientific/cultural institutes & societies in UK, the Bureau organises a series of cultural events with the aim of strengthening the cultural relationship between Egypt and UK as well as introducing the vast and diverse cultural aspects of Egypt and its nation, starting with the Ancient Egypt and continuing to the contemporary Egypt.

Finally, as part of the Egyptian diplomatic delegation in UK, the bureau takes the responsibility to organise and to hold the Egyptian school exams for the Egyptian students in UK. The Bureau also manages a Saturday-school in which the Egyptian Curriculum is taught to our students starting from kindergarten till secondary level with the support of experienced teachers. The school also organises a series of cultural and sports events to link the students and their families with each other and celebrate their Egyptian national events with our children abroad.


About the Egyptian School

The Egyptian Bureau runs the Egyptian School in London on Saturdays every week, throughout the academic year (September / April) from primary to preparatory/intermediate and secondary level, including religious education "Islamic and Christian".

Teaching in these classes a distinguished elite of Egyptian teachers who are residing in the United Kingdom and specialists in the teaching of the different subjects with a teaching experience in schools in the United Kingdom and familiar with the Egyptian curriculi as the majority of them previously taught the Egyptian curriculi in Egypt.

The Egyptian curricula, including mathematics and science curriculum is taught in English and is most distinguished and advanced than Math and Science in British schools.

Registration and enrolment for the academic year begins in August and study begins in September at the Egyptian school.

Our Team

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DR. AYMAN Nada Egyptian counselor in united kingdom and ireland

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MR. KHALED Aly Administrative & financial attaché

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NORHAN Kandil Executive assistant to the counsellor

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MR. MOHAMED ٍsalem School manager

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MR. AMIN NASR Nasr Security & reception

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